JR Michael | Founder | Life Destiny Miracles LLC

Backed by nearly a decade of excellence in the field of entertainment, JR Michael excels as the founder of the Life Destiny Miracles LLC. In this regard, he owns and operates the conglomerate company that invests in multimedia and commercial properties. In addition to his primary work, he has also served as co-founder of the board of directors of the BeeHive the Colony, a Christian-based nonprofit organization. Likewise, Mr. Lalloo is also supported by varying experiences as an actor, a producer, and a director.

Well regarded for his contributions to entertainment, Mr. Lalloo was an actor in “Killer Winter,” “Clowns,” and “Bullet.” He was also the host and producer of the podcast radio show “Make that Bloody Movie with Coffee” and the television series “Nightfall,” for which he has been recognized with various accolades. Notably, Mr. Lalloo was the winner of six categories of awards at the Hollywood Blood Horror Festival, the winner for a trailer at the Rome International Movie Festival, and went on to become a quarter finalist at the U.S. Film Festival. Upon reflection, he attributes his success to having focus, patience and consistency.

To prepare for his professional endeavors, Mr. Lalloo earned an associate degree in computer science from Kansan State University and a bachelor’s degree in television and radio from the New York Institute of Technology. Looking toward the future, hopes to bring more of his creative works to the market and has plans to direct the major motion picture “Lily,” a Native American film. He also looks forward to the continued growth and success of his conglomerate company. In his spare time, he enjoys designing sneakers and researching history.

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